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7 Tips for Preparing Your San Francisco Home for an Open House

elisag October 27, 2022

7 Tips for Preparing Your San Francisco Home for an Open House
It would be best if you got your home to make the most of an open house. Keep in mind that buyers won’t overlook inconveniences in any particular home. Anyone searching for their next home hopes to get what they see online. That’s why preparing your San Francisco home is extremely important. You can only expect to reach many more buyers with a fully staged home. The tips in this article will help you easily get every corner of a home ready for an open house.

1 – Declutter

First and foremost, you ought to declutter your soon-to-be former home. Getting rid of old items will make both moving and home-staging way easier. Moreover, the less a house is cluttered, the chances for its sale are higher. The goal is to show the potential buyers what makes your home unique and convenient. Also, when there’s less stuff (artwork, bulky furniture, etc.), it’s easier for potential buyers to envision their future life there. Decluttering is one of the simple ways to tidy up your home and prepare it for an open house. Therefore, mark a day or two in your schedule and dedicate it to decluttering. It’s not a complicated process as long as you stay organized. Here’s how:
  1. Separate the items into categories such as: for sale, garbage, gift, a charity. You can use free apps like Sortly instead of writing everything on paper.
  2. Pack all items you want to get rid of in cardboard boxes. Seal each box with strong packing tape, then label them with a permanent marker. Use a different color for each category.
  3. Organize a garage sale and post the items you want to sell on e-Bay and other similar websites.
  4. Store leftover items in a safe storage unit. A Portable, climate-controlled container is a quality go-to solution.
a woman preparing your San Francisco home for the move
Take time to declutter a home before an open house. Pexels.com


2 – Repair and repaint

Conduct a thorough inspection of your home before an open day. Check if something needs replacement, repair, and so on. Potential buyers often ask for a detailed home inspection before they make a final decision. Once they are sure the wires, cables, heating, and everything else works fine, they’ll consider making you an offer.

3 – Have your home clean and tidy

Your home won’t be fully tour-ready if it’s not totally clean. Do the cleaning at least a day before the open house. Once you finish the deep cleaning, you should maintain the home for future house showings. The hygiene of your home is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Don’t leave any corner of a house unchecked. Also, avoid moping the floors the morning before the visit; otherwise, the floors will be wet and slippery.

4 – Listen to your agent

Have a professional real estate agent help with preparing your San Francisco home for an open house. Professionals can give you advice since they know what buyers are looking for. That way, you’ll make the job much easier as you’ll know exactly what to do. Plus, having a realtor at your disposal saves you lots of headaches and gives you a piece of mind.
real estate agent checking the furniture
A qualified realtor with experience can help (Pexels.com) you with preparing your San Francisco home.
Spend some time searching for qualified and reputable real estate agencies. You should pay attention to their ratings and previous customer reviews. Only experienced realtors who know the San Francisco housing market very well are to handle an open house. So, don’t rush searching, but do a background check and make a few phone calls. That way, you’ll find realtors who want nothing but the best for their clients.

5 – Get your garage and attic ready too

People will want to check the garage and attic as well. Although they don’t seem essential to many, messy attics and garages drive potential buyers off. So, take time to declutter and clean them. If there’s a lot of rust and mold, consider hiring professional cleaning services to solve the problem for you. You never know whether people plan to turn the attic or garage into something else. Therefore, give them enough space to imagine a home office, art studio, home gym, etc.

6 – Make entryways presentable

The goal is to get potential homebuyers interested in your home from the moment they open the entrance door. Therefore, make sure to arrive earlier and check if entryways and halls are spottlessly clean. Ensure nothing stands the visitors in their way. Dust the stairs and put a doormat in front of the entrance. Leave the jacket rack in the hallway. 

7 – Rearrange remaining furniture

Keep neutral furniture pieces and rearrange them, so the living room and bedrooms appear larger. The more spacious a room is, the bigger are chances of selling a home in no time. This is why expert realtors say that preparing your San Francisco home for showcasing requires creativity.

Schedule your move to be before an open house

Having all personal items removed is essential before organizing an open house. The relocation experts from mod-movers.com advise renting storage for your excess items since having a storage unit will also help you during your move. Relocations during an open house are logistically challenging and add to existing stress. In such a scenario, you must juggle your duties, visits from potential buyers, and packing tasks.
sealed moving boxes in the living room
Pack and move before an open house. Pexels.com
You can easily avoid burnout if you do one task at a time:
  • Get your house in order and declutter all items.
  • Hire reliable movers to help you pack and relocate.
  • Consult a trusted realtor to stage and sell your home on time.
  • Store all items in a maximum safe, pest-free storage unit.
Get organized, and hire professionals to make your transition smooth and stressless. You’ll feel at ease after you settle in a new home and patiently wait until your old one sells.


After preparing your San Francisco home is over, all you are left to do is wait for a potential buyer to change a Sale sign into Sold. However, keep in mind that market competition and the number of people interested are the most critical factors. Even when your home is ready the right way, it might take a bit more time until you reach that long-awaited buyer. So, remain patient and in contact with your chosen realtor.

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