Staging your San Francisco Home For a Quick Sale

elisag January 13, 2022

Staging your San Francisco Home For a Quick Sale
It is no wonder home staging is one of the preferred selling strategies of skilled realtors. Even though San Francisco properties are generally easy to sell, staging allows you to do so quickly and for a good price. That is why so many homeowners decide to improve their homes in this way. It also allows you to move out your belongings without leaving the home feeling desolate. For these reasons, we will present you with everything you need to know about staging your San Francisco home for a quick sale. 
Your number one priority is to garner as many good offers on your home as you can. In that sense, staging is definitely something to consider to improve the appeal of your home, as it allows the homebuyer to see the full potential of the property. Most purchases are secured quicker when the homebuyer doesn’t have to invest too much money into remodeling after the sale. In fact, there are several home features that sweep San Francisco buyers right off their feet. So, let’s see what staging is all about!

Be sure to put the home’s best features at the forefront

The philosophy behind staging your San Francisco home for a quick sale boils down to playing up the best feature. If your home has architectural features that make it stand out, be sure to highlight them. So, if your home has large windows or a beautiful view, that characteristic should take center stage. 
A residential San Francisco neighborhood
 Use the structural features of your San Francisco home to your advantage.
Also, it is better to keep the furnishings minimal, especially if you have an open floor plan. This will allow the property to shine with unrestrained decorative potential. Choosing monochromatic furniture with clean features will enable you to place the home’s layout at the forefront.
The thing to remember about staging is that it should never overtake the spotlight from the home’s architecture. Its main purpose is to make your home stand out from the bunch. So, light up the home buyer’s imagination by directing their eye to the remarkable features of your home.

Declutter vigorously

As mentioned, less is more when it comes to staging. In that sense, anything that could divert attention during showings needs to go. This means you should pair down the decoration to appeal to the average San Francisco buyer. Intricate or eclectic artwork might appeal to you, but some people might find it too distracting. 
Of course, any clutter you might be accustomed to is simply a no-no. However, stuffing everything into your closets is not such a good solution. Having enough storage space in your home is one of the major selling points in San Francisco. So, make sure your closets and storage rooms are presentable in showings. If you do not have time to declutter, consider renting out a storage unit for the time being. 

Pair whites and neutrals with a color pop

It is no coincidence most staged homes predominantly use neutrals and whites. These colors exude cleanliness, purity, and simplicity. They also help accentuate both the natural light and the lighting system your home has. 
However, you also do not want your home to appear bland and off-the-rack. If IKEA furniture is all you can afford on such short notice, make sure you contrast its minimalism with a few color-popping details. Make a contrast with subtle gold or bronze figurines, fragrant flowers, colorful pillowcases, picture frames, or similar easily removable decorative items.These will help accentuate the smooth, white elegance of your San Francisco home.

When in doubt, go with the crowd

If you are not sure which decorative path to take, it makes sense to research the latest staging trends. Checking out a database of recently sold properties in the San Francisco bay area should help you make the call. Notice the color palettes used for staging, such as the color of the walls and furniture. Also, pay attention to the subtle decorative tricks and furniture placement. This kind of investigation allows you to employ successful staging techniques without hiring an interior designer. 
A staged dresser
Keep everything neat and tidy.
The same applies to your moving preparations. The decluttering phase of your staging process will go a lot smoother if you find an experienced moving company to help you prepare for the move. Be sure to consult a website such as Best Long Distance Movers, where you have access to a substantial database of moving companies with good track records and various moving services. 

Remove personal items

Remember – you are telling a story through staging. And the moral of the story is that your San Francisco home is the perfect home for the potential homebuyer. This means you should remove all items that may break up this fantasy. As much as you might be proud of your prizes, firearms, sports memorabilia, stuffed animals, or family photos, it is better to remove them during showings. Not to mention that less of your belongings in plain sight helps focus attention on your staging efforts

Invest in the kitchen and bathroom

If you are short on time but still want to stage your home, you should focus your efforts on the kitchen and bathroom. In most cases, having an appealing and clean bathroom and kitchen should coax San Francisco buyers into choosing your home. Something as simple as adding new cabinet handles or a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve the impression these rooms leave during showings.
A San Francisco kitchen with white cabinets
Staging a kitchen so that it looks nice and clean is always a good idea.
The same updates work for the bathroom as well. You can invest in smaller, inexpensive changes such as a new toilet seat, crisp white towels, a new mirror, etc. Staging your San Francisco home for a quick sale does not have to be costly. A few clever tweaks to make your home appear fresh and pleasant will go a long way.

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