Top 5 San Francisco Ice Cream Parlors

brennan June 25, 2019

Top 5 San Francisco Ice Cream Parlors
I hope you got a chance to enjoy the past heatwave. 100+ degrees in some parts of San Francisco. Here is a list of 5 top rated ice cream parlors in San Francisco with a little cherry on the top. All of them are around other attractions so you can have your own little San Francisco adventure.
5. Icicles – Located downtown by Westfield is a ice cream shop called Icicles. They have the best ice cream making techniques and even display it for the customers. Kids love going because they get a chance to watch the show and they receive a small treat.
4. Ghirardelli – Although there are many locations the one at Ghirardelli Square is by far the best. It’s a couple blocks away from Fort Mason and Lombard St. They have a chocolate factory so if you get some ice cream make sure to get some chocolate drizzle on top for the best results.
3. Toy Boat Dessert Cafe – A small dessert cafe in Richmond district on Clement. Decorated with tons of little toys from the past. Occasionally dragging people down memory lane, the ambiance in itself can create a fun and memorable adventure with anyone.
2. Bi-Rite Creamery – Bi-Rite is a creamery that is right next to one of the most scenic parks in San Francisco. Grab a bite of your favorite ice cream with some fresh donuts. They also have a generous selection of vegan ice cream that is nowhere else to be found.
1.Mitchell’s Ice Cream – A unique San Francisco ice cream shop. Family owned and started in 1953 this ice cream shop holds its place in history. Taking a walk through the shop is like taking a stroll through the past. They individually create their own flavors and some of the thickest ice cream around. (pro tip: when you walk in just turn left and grab a ticket)
BONUS: A city favorite ice cream shop for VEGAN ice cream is Holy Gelato. A lot of vegan ice cream typically tends to be juice sweet or uses a coconut milk with a coconut aftertaste. Their vegan ice cream is thick and creamy without the dairy or fruity aftertaste.

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